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End of Life Care

In 2018 I attended and completed  end of life Doula training, and became a part of the the International End Of Life Doula Association (INELDA) . After caring for and helping many of my clients with the dying process over the years,  I realize there is no greater gift then to love, care, and be a part of a life that is ending!       


Summing up and Planning

  • Addressing fears, worries, regrets, & unfinished business
  • Exploring life meaning

Initiating & help creating a legacy Project

  • Song and Poems 
  • Values
  • Pictures
  • Recipe Collections
  • Stories
  • Life moments
  • Scrap books
  • Recorded messages
  • Video/Audio
  • Memory Books
  • Memory Boxes
  • Letters

Creating, Planning and Conducting a Vigil

  • Creating a vigil plan
  • Bedside presence and support

Reprocessing and Early Grief

  • Meeting with family for review  



Signs and Symptoms Three Months to One Month

  • Sleeps More
  • Withdraws from the world and people
  • Drifts
  • Food intake decreases
  • Energy level drops
  • Communication slows
  • Weakness increases
  • Decreased Mobility
  • Abandons role in family   


Signs and Symptoms Two Weeks to One Week

  • Disorientation & Confusion 
  • Food & Fluid intake decrease
  • Talks with unseen entities/ loved ones who have passed
  • Secretion buildup in the lungs
  • Blood pressure drops while pulse increases
  • Agitation & restlessness may appear
  • Apnea may occur
  • May spike a low grade fever
  • Skin color and mottling may occur


Days To Hours- Active Dying  

  • Little to no intake of fluids
  • Not eating
  • Barely speaking
  • Unresponsive
  • Buildup of secretions in lungs
  • Open mouth breathing
  • Eyelids partially open but not seeing
  • Decreased urine output
  • Agitation & restlessness
  • Picking at clothes, jerking, and twitching
  • Rise in pulse
  • Drop in blood pressure
  • Change in breathing pattern
  • Extremities become colder
  • Face drained of color
  • Sudden shifts of body temp
  • Limbs stiff
  • Mottling of lower arms and legs
  • Cyanosis in fingertips, toes and lips